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IMQA 2011 Schedule

4 October 2011 (Tuesday)
13:20 - 13:30 Opening Ceremony: Masao Aizu (Canon)
13:30 - 15:30 [A] Special Session 1
Session Chair: Yoichi Miyake(Chiba Univ.)
15:30 - 16:00 break
16:00 - 17:20 [B] General Session (Oral)
"Watermarking, Coding Artifacts"

Session Chair: Kenji Sugiyama (Seikei Univ.)
17:40 - 19:00 Banquet (Prof. Kenji Sugiyama)

5 October 2011 (Wednesday)
10:00 - 11:30 [C] Special Session 2
Session Chair: Yuukou Horita (Univ. of Toyama)
11:30 - 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 - 14:30 [D] Poster Presentations
(core-time:45 min、odd; 13:00-13:45, even; 13:45-14:30)

Session Chair: Jun Okamoto (NTT Lab.)
14:30 - 16:10 [E] General Session (Oral)
"3D, Color"

Session Chair: Toshiya Nakaguchi (Chiba Univ.)
16:10 - 16:20 Closing Ceremony: Mitsuho Yamada (Tokai Univ.)

IMQA 2011 Advance Program

Chair: Yoichi Miyake(Chiba Univ.)
A-1 : 13:30-14:30
How Many Pixels Does it Take to Make a Good 4''x6'' Print? Pixel Count Wars Revisited
Michael Allen Kriss (MAK Consultants, USA)
A-2 : 14:30-15:30
Recent advances on scalable video coding
Hiroshi Fujii (NTT Cyber Space Laboratory, Japan)

Chair: Yuukou Horita (Univ. of Toyama)
C-1 : 10:00-11:30
Visual Quality in the Era of Social Media
Stefan Winkler (Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore)

Chair: Kenji Sugiyama (Seikei Univ.)
B-1 : 16:00-16:20
Watermarking Scenario for Enabling Intellectual Property Rights in Distribution of Spectral Images
Arto Kaarna and Harri Lattu (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
B-2 : 16:20-16:40
Game Theoretic Image Authentication and Recovery with Watermarking from Region of Interest
Ling-Shih Fang and Long-Wen Chang (National Tsing Hua University)
B-3 : 16:40-17:00
Motion Estimation for Color Plane Interpolation of the Sequential Color Video System
Toshio Hasegawa, Naoya Sagara, and Kenji Sugiyama (Seikei University)
B-4 : 17:00-17:20
An MSE-based Quality Metric for Optimal Video Post Scaling
Ren-Jie Wang, Chih-Wei Huang, and Pao-Chi Chang (National Central University)

5 Oct. (Wed.), 13:00-14:30 [D] Poster Session
(core-time:45 min、odd; 13:00-13:45, even; 13:45-14:30)
Chair: Jun Okamoto (NTT Lab.)
3D Program Production Studio and Analysis of Vergence Eye Movement when Viewing a 3D Pilot Program
Keisuke Sano, Hiroya Kodama, Yusuke Horie, and Mitsuho Yamada (Tokai University)
Novel Temporal and Spatial Error Concealment with Game Theory
Jiun-Shien Lu and Long-Wen Chang (National Tsing Hua University)
A Steganographic Method Using MRF-synthesized Textures as Cover Images
Feng-Ju Chang and Chaur-Chin Chen (National Tsing Hua University)
Visibility Evaluation of 3D Mobile Devices-perception of Eyeglass-free Stereoscopic Vision and Readability of 3D Characters
Tomoki Shiomi, Hiroki Hori, Keita Uemoto, Akira Hasegawa, and Masaru Miyao (Nagoya University)
Visibility of Scrolling Text Presented Against Moving Environment
Ken Kihara, Marina Seki, and Sakuichi Ohtsuka (Kagoshima University)
High-Accuracy Gradient Based Motion Estimation Using High Frame-rate Images
Hiroshi Katayama, Danya Sugai, and Takayuki Hamamoto (Tokyo University of Science)
Non-reference and Absolute Spatial Blur Estimation Method for the Coded Picture
Takayuki Suzuki, Naoya Sagara, and Kenji Sugiyama (Seikei University)
Appearance Simulation System of Hardcopy Based on the Measured Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function
Rui Takano, Yoshinori Suzuki, Toshiya Nakaguchi (Chiba University), Kimiyoshi Miyata (National Museum of Japanese History), Shinichi Inoue (Mitsubishi Paper Milles Limited), and Norimichi Tsumura (Chiba University)
Influence on the Brain Bloodstream Caused by Image Content and Degradation Using NIRS
Megumi Ueda, Keiji Shibata, Yasuhiro Inazumi, and Yuukou Horita (University of Toyama)
Image Quality Evaluation of 3D CG Images with 8 Viewpoints Lenticular Lens Method
Norifumi Kawabata, Keiji Shibata, Yasuhiro Inazumi, and Yuukou Horita (University of Toyama)
Influence on EEG Caused by Difference of Visual Spatial Frequency
Kazuki Sunahara, Masaharu Sato, Keiji Shibata, Yasuhiro Inazumi, and Yuukou Horita (University of Toyama)
An Objective Assessment Scale of Visual Likeness for Pseudo-Representation Image Coding
Yoshikazu Kawayoke (Ishikawa National College of Technology), Yasuhiro Inazumi (University of Toyama), and Noboru Kanedera (Ishikawa National College of Technology)

Chair: Toshiya Nakaguchi (Chiba Univ.)
E-1 : 14:30-14:50
Color Differences in Spectral Space Clustering for MRA with CIEDE2000 Compatibility
Joni Taipale and Arto Kaarna (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
E-2 : 14:50-15:10
High Dynamic Range Imaging Fusion Based on Non-linear Color Compensation
Zong-Yi Chen, Pi-Chen Hsu, and Pao-Chi Chang (National Central University)
E-3 : 15:10-15:30
Comparison of Visual Functions in Individuals Viewing Natural Objects and Virtual 3D Video Clips According to Age
Hori Hiroki, Shiomi Tomoki, Uemoto Keita, and Miyao Masaru (Nagoya University)
E-4 : 15:30-15:50
The Influence on Humans of Long Hours of Viewing 3D Movies
Yuta Kawamura, Yusuke Horie, Kesuke Sano, Hiroya Kodama, and Mitsuho Yamada (Tokai University)
E-5 : 15:50-16:10
The Investigation of Eye Movement Characteristics in the Case of 3D Image Viewing with Captions
Hiroya Kodama, Yusuke Horie, Kensuke Sano, and Mitsuho Yamada (Tokai University)

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